Bot Bash Party | Animatronics Camp
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Animatronics Camp

Animatronics Camp/ Afternoon Camp / 1pm – 5pm

Taught by one of the highest ranked women in Combat Robotics

Taught by one of the highest ranked women in Combat Robotics and a 2015 Flea Weight World Champion. Students learn how to breathe life into their creations. The students may pick 3 different styles of animatronics: Vibration, Single Cam and Double Cam.

Day 1: Build the Vibration Robot
Day 2: Assemble Gear Box to create a Shuffle Cam
Day 3: Painting and Fabricating

Day 4: Construct Remote Operated Double Cam Walker
Day 5: Decorate Double Cam Shuffle Bot and Compete in a crazy game of Soccer for the Beasts in our State of the Art Arena!

Week 1    6.11.18 – 6.15.18

Week 2    7.02.18 – 7.06.18

Week 3    7.30.18 – 8.03.18

How We Structure The Week

DAY 1: On the first day, our campers choose between three projects; The Mouse, The Fox or The Ladybug. Each one uses vibration and springs to move forward. The day mainly focuses on how to complete a circuit and wire a drive motor to a power source and incorporate an on-off switch. We then discuss how balancing a spinning weight can create vibration in a robot and how we can harness this energy to propel the robot forward. Once we are done with the science, the real fun begins. We pull out our glue gun art supplies and paint, and the kids transform their robot into the cutest critter they’ve ever imagined or the scariest bug but is that has ever crawled. The kids do get to keep this robot as the price of it is included in the camp fee.

Day 2: The mechanical challenge takes a large step up as now we work on the single cam shuffle robots. For their starting base, the kids have a wide variety to choose from a turtle, kangaroo, rabbit, horse, giraffe, ostrich, tiger, beetle or pig. The kids build upon the previous day’s lesson by re-creating their complete circuit, but now they must have a symbol, a gearbox, and a rotating cam system to simulate for leg walking. The kids discover, by varying the radius of the cam, that they can control the speed of the robot. Once again when the kids finish the science lab portion of the day, we break out the art tools and decorate our creations

Day 3: The double cam robot. We start our third and final robot, and it is the toughest of them all. Using everything we’ve learned from the past two days, we make a robot that is capable of full movement with six legs going forward, backward, left and right. Unlike the previous robots in which you turn on and let them run, this one will be controlled via a wired controller. This project will take two days; the first day will be spent building both gearboxes, assembling the frame and building all six legs

Day 4: finishing up the double Cam. It is now time to do the controller and wiring for the double Kim monster they built on the previous day. The kids learn how to build a remote controller using just copper and wire, but they will make two relays capable of making the robot going forward, backward, left and right. Once they have constructed their controller and wired it to the robot it is time to start making attachments for it and see if they’re little monster can handle our mini soccer ball.

Day 5: The first two hours of class are spent prepping the robot for a big soccer meet. The kids do final decorations to make their robot stand out from the crowd. They can make hands, horn or whatever they want to create to bounce kick and move the ball around the court.