Bot Bash Party | Bot Hockey
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Bot Hockey

Bot Hockey/Combat Afternoon Camp / 1pm – 5pm

The class is divided into two teams and each team is responsible for creating a wild and crazy robot hockey team

Each student will be given a position on the field goalie, defender, attacker, and mid-range. Their goal is to build a robot to best suit their role. The class focuses on teamwork and collaboration in order to make the best team possible. Students will build one to two- pound wheeled robots with different abilities to handle the park block or disable opponents. This is modeled after the RoboGames games hockey tournament and will be using the same rules.

Week 1    6.18.18 – 6.22.18

Week 2    7.09.18 – 7.13.18

Week 3    8.06.18 – 8.10.18

How We Structure The Week

Day 1: Our first day the class is split into two groups; The Red Team and The Blue Team. The oldest camper in each group will be named the team captain. The campers must each decide on their role; attacker, defender midrange, or goalie and they start designing their robot to best fill their position.

Day 2: Once the team captain makes sure everyone is ready, he calls over the teacher to review the team’s designs. Once they are approved the teacher supplies them with frames, motors, and tires to start building the drivetrain and skeleton of their hockey bots.

Day 3: We do wiring and programming to get the robots moving. We go over the radio system, basic programming and connecting a drive boarding a receiver to the DC motors. Once the robot is fully functional, we throw on a top plate, and we start fabricating the scoops arms and whatever else the students have designed to help the robot fulfill its role.

Day 4: Is up to the kids! The teams can either decide to practice maneuvers in the arena or focus on improving their robots and do more fabricating work to create tougher and more complicated designs. The bot hockey rink will be open to allow for practice matches and to test their designs, but it will be up to the team captain to make sure his team is organized and ready.

Day 5: The students will be given one last hour for final preparation and strategy then they will have three 20-minute rounds with 40 minutes between for charging repairs and re-strategizing. It will be a grand time to play hockey and score goals with their bot.