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Bot Bash Summer Camp

Bot Bash Summer Camp teaches combat robotics to kids ages seven and up. Based on our innovative fighting-robot kit, we’ve designed a class that doesn’t require a soldering iron, drill press, or any of the other potentially dangerous tools used in robot building.

We focus on the core concepts of engineering and science as kids use the Bot Bash kits to assemble their dream machines. It’s an entirely safe environment, using physics and engineering concepts to help students build better robots.

The 5 days of camp

Day 1. Design. On the first day, we start with a robot tournament to get the kids used to the three types of weapons they’re allowed to use. They’ll also see various drive platforms, different ways to build robots, and strategies for winning. Then we start talking about design and the various pros and cons of various design considerations as we begin engineering and designing the robots.

Day 2. Drive Trains and Gear Boxes. On Day 2, the kids learn about gear ratios and traction, with two physics lessons to teach the kids the formula behind both of these properties. As they learn the formula, they get to apply what they’ve learned to their robots. The goal of the day is to construct a frame and gear box and put wheels on the robots.

Day 3. Wiring Electronics. This becomes the most difficult lesson. On Day 3 we focus on voltage, amperage, Ohm’s law, and radio communication, with just a touch of programming. The kids wire their robots and see how different size batteries have dramatic effects on their drive train. They learn about voltage changes, amperage changes, and how to not interfere with the signal as they write a control program for their robots.

Day 4. Weapons and Armor. This is where the metal hits the pavement. The two main themes of the day are leverage and impact. We cover how impact works and how to design armor panels to absorb or deflect energy. We also talk about leverage. Robots have limited amounts of torque, and weapons systems need to take advantage of leverage to flip their opponents over.

Day 5. Tournament Day. The students test their mettle, as all the skills they’ve learned culminate in a final tournament to see who the Grand Champion will be. On this day we focus on competition, safety, and being a good sport because the skills kids take with them are more important than winning the tournament

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2018 Summer Camp Schedule


DatesCombat CampAnimatronics
6/11/18 – 6/15/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
7/2/18-7/6/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
7/30/18-8/3/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
DatesLego ProgrammingBot Hockey
6/18/18-6/22/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
7/9/18-7/13/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
8/6/18-8/10/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
DatesDemolition Derby Advanced Combat
6/25/18-6/29/188 am  12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
7/23/18-7/27/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm
8/13/18-8/17/188 am – 12 pm1 pm – 5 pm


Summer Camp Cost:

$300 per class (morning or afternoon) per child

$500 per day (includes morning and afternoon camps) per child


Special Note: If registering for full day lunch hour is 12 pm – 1 pm child must bring their own lunch and Bot Bash will provide supervision during this hour.


To Register: Please email Tina Merino at Please provide child(ren)’s name(s), camp dates and camp class name your interested in registering for.