Bot Bash Party | Combat Camp
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Combat Camp

Combat Camp

Our most popular camp! Live your dreams of building and fighting robots.

Kids live their dream of becoming a robot fighter! They design and build there very own fighting robot. And compete head to head with the other campers.
Through an intensive five day program, campers learn the principles of design, engineering, electronics, and teamwork! Their teachers will answer questions about what its like to be on the TV show — all culminating in a Robot fighting tournament at the end of the week.

Camp 1 – Starting June 17

Camp 2 – Starting July 1

Camp 3 – Starting July 15

Camp 4 – Starting July 22

Camp 5 – Starting August 5

How We Structure The Week

Day 1 / Design: On the first day, we start with a robot tournament to get the kids used to the three types of weapons they’re allowed to use. They’ll also see various drive platforms, different ways to build robots, and strategies for winning. Then we start talking about design and the various pros and cons of various design considerations as we begin engineering and designing the robots. Day 1: Principle of Design

Day 2 / Drive Trains and Gear Boxes: On Day 2, the kids learn about gear ratios and traction, with two physics lessons to teach the kids the formula behind both of these properties. As they learn the formula, they get to apply what they’ve learned to their robots. The goal of the day is to construct a frame and gear box and put wheels on the robots.

Day 3 / Wiring Electronics: This becomes the most difficult lesson. On Day 3 we focus on voltage, amperage, Ohm’s law, and radio communication, with just a touch of programming. The kids wire their robots and see how different size batteries have dramatic effects on their drive train. They learn about voltage changes, amperage changes, and how to not interfere with the signal as they write a control program for their robots.

Day 4 / Armor and Leverage: We start our day with a Physics lesson on leverage. The kids learn how a longer lever arm reduces the amount the robot can lift. After we finish our weapons, we start working on armor. At the end of the day, the students should have their robots finished.

Day 5 / Tournament Day: The students test their mettle, as all the skills they’ve learned culminate in a final tournament to see who the Grand Champion will be. On this day we focus on competition, safety, and being a good sport because the skills kids take with them are more important than winning the tournament.