Bot Bash Party | Demolition Derby
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Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Its time to burn rubber, learn physics, all while building the ultimate demolition derby car.

The students spend their days learning about Velocity and Acceleration as they make their ultimate racer. Kids learn how to be a mechanic and a racer at the same time! As they try to find the careful balance between performance and reliability

Camp 1 – Starting June 24

Camp 2 – Starting July 15

Camp 3 – Starting August 12

How We Structure The Week

Day 1 / Rules and Cars: We will go over all the rules of REAL demolition derbies, and then the rules of Bot Bash Demolition Derbies. The kids will pick their car based off of acceleration, velocity, and torque. With four different models to choose from, the kids must carefully select attributes that compliment their driving style. Then we will teach the kids how to pair the radios with the cars.

Day 2 / Gravity and Jump Test: We will go over Gravity, and how it affects all things. We use the velocity of the car, and what we just learned about gravity to calculate maximum jump distance. The kids will put their newfound knowledge of physics to the test, on the track, as they challenge each other to see who will get the furthest jump. They will get to remove and add parts to the car depending on what jumps they are doing.

Day 3 / Momentum and Rocket League: Today We will go over momentum and energy and how it affects their cars. The kids will learn about Newtons 3 laws of momentum as we recreate a favorite video game, Rocket League, using the Demolition Derby cars, the Combat Arena and a mini soccer ball.

Day 4 / Metallurgy and Armor: The kids will learn the difference between Titanium, Steel and Aluminum and their properties and applications. The kids will then design their armor pieces and cut them out using sheet metal tools.

Day 5 / Derby: The kids are given 3 hours to do final prep on their car and revisit any previous lessons to do so. Then we will end the day with 3 Derbies. Last functioning car is the winner!

They do not get to keep the cars at the end of the week.