Bot Bash Party | Demolition Derby
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Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby/ Morning Camp / 8am – 12pm

Campers can construct their buggies with speed, armor, and acceleration in mind.

The students spend 4 days learning about Velocity and Acceleration as they make their ultimate racer. Kids learn how to be a mechanic and a racer at the same time! As they try to find the careful balance between performance and reliability.

Day 1: Frame and Motors
Day 2: Tires and Traction
Day 3: Scoops and Armor

Day 4: Drive Tests and Weaponry

Week 1    6.25.18 – 6.29.18

Week 2    7.23.18 – 7.27.18

Week 3    8.13.18 – 8.17.18

How We Structure The Week

Day 1: Students pick their chassis. We have 3 different frames to choose from. One is suited for speed, one is suited for maneuvering and one is suited for durability and hauling. The students pick their class and start assembling their skeleton. Once their frames are together we start talking about electric motors. We discuss the difference between a “hot wind”and a “cold wind” and what that means for performance and power consumption.

Day 2: The all important Tire Day! We discuss how Friction Coefficient and weight are the 2 most important factors for traction. How tread patterns can affect grip and how to prepare for different terrains.

Day 3: Today we test our metal, as we build scoops and armor for their off-road buggies! Kids learn about impact, leverage and kinetic energy as they build their ultimate racer!

Day 4: The Big Test! The kids run trials with their buggies to see how they are preforming. This is their chance to refine or improve before the big race!

Day 5: The Big Race! The students will have to complete 5 laps on 3 different courses. An indoor, an outdoor, and 1 surprise!