Bot Bash Party | Legos Triathalon Camp
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Legos Triathalon Camp

Legos Triathalon Camp

Build the ultimate lego robot as you prepare for thee challenges offered at the world robots tournament.

The students must construct a Lego robot using the Lego EV three mind storm system, while the robot meets several design criterias.

Camp 1 – Starting June 17

Camp 2 – Starting July 22

How We Structure The Week

Day 1: The students must construct a Lego robot using the Lego EV three mind storm system. The robot must meet several design criteria – fitting inside a 6 x 6 x 6″ cube, weigh less than 2 pounds and be capable of discerning the colors on the floor. These are the same restrictions used at the world robotics tournament RoboGames and are quite the design challenge.

Day 2: The kids meet their first challenge line. Following this is a timed obstacle course (designed with a black line on a white background painted on the floor) the kids must program their robots to follow this line, and they will be timed as to how quickly they can make it from start to finish. This is how most robots navigate modern facilities such as the Tesla plant and a common engineering challenge in high schools and college.

Day 3: Maze solving is hard enough on your own now try to imagine instructing someone through a maze on top of writing that into code. That is what our campers will be doing! We have an elaborate maze with 6-inch-high walls that are 8 inches wide. The campers have to program it so that all of the robot parts make it through the maze, and they will be timed on how quickly they can make it from start to finish. The winner here is not which robot is physically fastest but which one can out-think the rest and navigate the maze the quickest.

Day 4:  A head to head challenge. Robot sumo is an incredibly popular sport in Japan, and it’s been making its way into American colleges and schools. For the first time the campers will not be fighting the clock but fighting each other as they try to build robots with both speed and power and the intelligence to outmaneuver each other and attempt to push the other robot off the platform. The kids must put everything they’ve learned to the test to complete this difficult challenge.

Day 5: The entire week has led up to this moment! The campers will be given two hours and access to all three courses to fine-tune their robot. They will be competing in all three events and the robot with the best time in the first two, and the highest rank in the third will be named our triathlon champion. We will name the first, second and third place in each of the three events. The robot with the best average of scores will be named the triathlon winner.