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Advanced Robot Parties
(ages 9 and up)

Our exclusive Hard Core robots are designed to use spinning weapons for even more excitement and fun. Everything is totally safe. Instead of the saw or blade-wielding robots, you may have seen on the TV show; our Hard Core Bots use rubber wheels. There’s still plenty of action, with robots throwing each other across the arena.

Exciting Kid’s Parties
Kids’ Parties

A Bot Bash Party means major thrills and excitement that the kids will be talking about for weeks. With a head-to-head tournament battling against friends and classmates, they get to feel the thrill of a robot fighting tournament as they advance through the elimination rounds, one opponent at a time.

The fun keeps going for everybody. Robots that get knocked out of the tournament go on to special event matches, such as Two-on-Two, Team Battle, and Royal Rumble, while the tournament winners continue toward the championship match.

Bot Bash Parties has a five-star Yelp rating, and with good reason. Find out how much pure fun our parties deliver. Don’t wait—dates fill up fast. Call Bot Bash Parties today!

Team Building and Corporate Holiday Parties
Corporate Parties

Bot Bash has been doing corporate parties for several years. For outstanding team-building events, we divide robots by color and have co-workers work with people they don’t know well, to defeat the other team. It’s a great way to break the ice between departments and come together under the common goal of destroying the other team.

We also offer free “Rumble Sessions,” which can include a DJ service to provide background music for even more exciting battles. This also pairs very well with drinking (we don’t offer bar service yet). We’ve done parties for Microsoft, Google, Genentech, Amazon, Intel, VMware, Kaiser, Mountain Hardware, and many others.

Dj Dan

Dan Chatterton, aka, “D.J. Dan,” has been fighting robots for many years. He designed the Gyro Walker and drives Rex on the ABC show Battle Bots. Dan also has a passion for music, and he uses his own custom-designed D.J. system to pump up the excitement for robot fighting at the Bot Bash Party Big Bash events. Dan rocks!

Bot Bash Parties is based in Lafayette, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. For children’s parties, we travel north as far as Sacramento and Santa Rosa, east as far as Modesto, and south as far as San Jose and Sunnyvale.