Bot Bash Party | Robot Boxing
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Robot Boxing

Robot Boxing

In this class, students build a 7-inch-tall robot boxer.

The goal is to make an animatronic creation that can knock out the other robots. Students learn about wiring the batteries voltage and current in a little bit of art as they try to make a robot that can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Camp 1 – Starting July 8

Camp 2 – Starting July 29

How We Structure The Week

Day 1: We show the kids a base model to get the ideas flowing then they pick out their chassis, and we start by painting it in a unique set of colors that each kid picks.

Day 2: The students put together their chassis and wire up the radio to control the robot’s movements the goal is to get forward, backward, left and right all to function on the robot in radio.

Day 3: We build the robot arms we construct them focusing on consistency and repeatability. We discuss friction and ways to eliminate it from the system. The students end the day with a target test to see which robot can get the fastest time hitting all ten targets.

Day 4: We discuss impact, go over the physics formula and how to increase force of the kids then build new boxing gloves for the robot boxer. They are encouraged to use physics to help them get the upper hand.

Day 5: Robot tournament! The kids have three hours to do final preparations focus on any of the labs they felt they could do better on and get there but ready to fight for the last hour we do a single illumination tournament as the robots box their way to the championship.