3D Printing Camp | Bot Bash Party
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3D Printing Camp

3D Printing Camp

The replicators are here! 3d printers are changing our world learn how to use this new technology

In this camp, students will learn how to set up a 3-D printer and use it to create wonderful and fantastic things. We will cover the basic mechanics of 3-D printers including proper use and maintenance and go over 3-D modeling software on our tablet to allow the kids to draw original creations.

Camp 1 – Starting July 1

Camp 2 – Starting August 5

How We Structure The Week

Day 1: We discuss what an STL file is and how the printer uses them to map out paths. We then discuss what a “raft” is and how Fill rate works. The students will do a basic print putting all of these terms to use.

Day 2: We discuss support material and its use and how it can help with odd shapes. Then we introduce them to our 3-D modeling software. The kids start by practicing basic shapes.

Day 3: We go over how to do multiple prints simultaneously on the printer as four students try to figure out how to place four different prints on a single bed. We also cover curves and spheres with our modeling software.

Day 4: We go over different materials, filaments, their applications, and various uses. The students are given free range with the software on this day to create whatever they would like to print.

Day 5: The students print their final creations. The students may pick any of the filaments and can print anything they have created on our software. The class ends with a showcase of all the different creations the students have made over the week.