Advanced Combat | Bot Bash Party
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Advanced Combat

Advanced Combat

Everything learned in the Basic Combat Course will be applied here.

Students will learn about Potential (stored) and Kinetic Energies. Dive deeper into Physics. Learn about advanced weaponry. Explore how Kinetic Energy is applied differently to Drum Spinners and Horizontal Spinners. After 4 days of advanced building, students go head to head battling their metal monsters!

Camp 1 – Starting June 24

Camp 2 – Starting July 8

Camp 3 – Starting July 29

Camp 4 – Starting August 12

How We Structure The Week

Day 1: On the first day, we have a tournament with the Bot Bash party robots to get the kids used to the rules of the game. What is allowed, what is not allowed and to see the different weapon and drive options open to them. The campers then design their robots. We talk about the pros and cons of each of their options as the students prepare for the toughest week of robot building they’ve ever had.

Day 2: We have an hour-long lecture on potential and kinetic energy. How it is used in spinning weapons, what are the benefits and drawbacks of kinetic weapons and some desirable side effects that come with the weapon type. Kids will learn about energy inertia and gyroscopes as we do a full breakdown of spinning robots and their impact on the sport. The kids spend the second half of the day building out the drive system for the robot.

Day 3: We start with a lecture on pneumatic weapons. How valves and air systems work, the different methods used to control them the strengths and weaknesses of the type and the dangers of putting a compressed air tank on a combat robot. Kids learn how to maximize force applied, how to do leverage calculations and psi to newton conversions. The second half of the day we do our electronics for the robot and program the radios to control the base frames we made on day two.

Day 4: It’s time to build their weapon systems with brand new categories open to the students. They apply the science they learned in earlier classes to make their mechanical monster as destructive as they can. The whole day is focused on fabrication and testing their designs and concepts with one of our Battlebots experts on site to make sure the kids build a robot of their dreams in a safe environment.

Day 5: Parts will fly, and bots will die in our state of the art battle hex. The students receive two hours to do final preparations. Time to decorate their robot with its war paint as it gets ready to go into a double elimination tournament. Only one robot will survive the chaos, but the students are given two chances. After the robot is defeated the first time, they have 20 minutes to try to fix it and get it ready for the second match and the last chance to win it all