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Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Bot Bash helps your trade show booth stand out. When the sparks fly the crowds come. Don’t get caught with a boring 10×10 booth at your next tradeshow. Bring Bot Bash to the show and enjoy as your company gains increased engagement and excitement around your booth as well as generating new leads.

Our battle hex has been used at the World Robotics Tournament, RoboGames! This is a 7-foot cylinder, 6 feet flat to flat. We have our 1lb saw robots battle it out with you behind the controls! You can play tournament, fair style or mix and match throughout the event. This is a popular choice to get attention to your booth. The saw robots create sparks and noise that naturally create a crowd, making this a top-notch attention getter!


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The Battle Hex / ideal for trade shows

1 World Tournament Arena

12 Combat Robots

custom built by bot.bash

2 Experienced Technicians

Robot Combat Champions will train and coach your guests.

Bot Bash sends out one of our Senior Technicians along with our Advanced arena! They organize either a Tournament Bracket for you and your co-workers or Fair Style where we hold four-way rumble matches for anyone who wants to jump into the action! We’ve got 5-Stars on YELP and can customize a unique experience for people of all ages!